Harnois Apartments

The Robert L. Harnois Apartments was a collaboration between Anew Development and Westbrook Development Corp. Construction was underway as of the Fall of 2019 and reached final completion in January of 2021. The parcel for the Project is comprised of approximately 5.23 acres and is located at 70 Ruth Hunton Court in Westbrook, Maine.

The 61 apartments created at Harnois Apartments serve low-income seniors with quality affordable rental housing. Thirty-Seven (37) of the units are leased at rental rates affordable to seniors with annual household income at or below 50% of the area median income (AMI). Twenty-Four (24) of the units are rented to households at or below 60% of AMI. All of the units at Harnois are supported by project-based rental assistance to further benefit further residents.

The Harnois project team took great care to develop a design that provides the quality, efficient, and comfortable indoor and outdoor environments to its residents while also being highly responsive to the neighborhood context. As such, the building has been sited so as to optimize solar access while also providing ample wooded buffers to adjacent properties.

All residents of the Harnois Apartments benefit from the efficiency and predictability of having heat, hot water, and electricity included in their monthly rents and from living in a walkable campus with access to resident services, public transportation, and nearby availability of commonly needed goods and services.